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PICTURE CREDIT: mevans/Getty Images

The Great Barrier Reef: A Navigational Nightmare

Camper recounts the navigational hell the Great Barrier Reef put Captain Cook’s Endeavour through. Perhaps he would’ve been better off hitching up and taking the land-based route!

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PICTURE CREDIT: TonyFeder/Getty Images

The Mysterious Origins of Boabs and Desert Palms

How did the oddball trees of the Aussie outback wind up where they are? It’s not just a matter of curiosity. The answers could reveal secrets from our nation’s past.

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The Brownes at Point Plomer

Irish Sailors in the Aussie Bush

From sailing around between European islands, to traversing the Australian outback in a Vista RV – the adventurous trajectory of the Brownes is one to envy.

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10 Essentials to Pack

Heading into the desert? Bring along these ten things for a smooth and fun-filled adventure.

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Cub Campers, 50 Years Strong

After 50 years in the business, Cub continue to grow, with new management, marketing and manufacturing propelling them towards 1,000 campers a year.

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Family Adventure, Part 2: Great Australian Bight

The Burden family take on the Great Australian Bight, tackle the treeless plains and conquer the mountainous Bilbunya sand dunes.

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Survival Guide: The Family Road Trip

Are you prepping the camper for a big family road trip with relatives on board? Whether it’s the in-laws, grandkids or single siblings joining your adventure, here’s a few tips to help you all survive the drive.

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Six Best Things About Beach Camping

Camper drills down on what’s so great about camping on the beach.

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The History of Navigation

Navigating from A to B: once a challenge requiring human ingenuity, now something we can achieve by pressing a few buttons. Ron and Viv Moon explore how mapping has changed over the years.

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Can you buy an imported camper with confidence or do you have to pay top dollar for the local produc

Local versus Imported Camper Trailers

Local versus Imported Campers

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Camper Trailer of the Year 2020


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ZONE RV Z-12.0 Expedition Series Review

Less than a year after arriving at CTOTY 2019 with their prototype Z10.0 Expedition Series hard body camper, the boys from ZONE RV are back with the Z12.0. This time they’ve upped the ante with a host of exciting changes.

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