2014 CTOTY: Trayon TMO Gen 3

Camper Trailer Australia — 7 March 2014

The TMO GEN 3 is rugged and adaptable, with all the facilities needed for remote area camping.


Although most hybrids follow a similar design theme, Trayon has popped out of left field with its TMO Gen 3. Here is one of the most versatile, comprehensively equipped — and very different — hybrid camper trailers money can buy.

It’s almost like having your own full-size Lego camper. You don’t build the camper yourself and it doesn’t pull completely apart, yet the TMO Gen 3 has an appealing modular design that you don’t see elsewhere.


The TMO Gen 3 is the marriage of Trayon’s Deluxe slide-on and a trailer, on which the nose cone storage and ensuite are built. You can jack up the slide-on and leave it parked and tow the tray-back trailer (with its own ensuite and enclosed storage) by itself. The multi-purpose tray-back can be used for both work duties or leisurely day trips from camp. Need to collect firewood? Well, you have a massive tray top for that. Worried about the trailer’s payload? It’s a tonne — more than enough for most tasks.

There were a few gasps of surprise as the judges inspected the TMO Gen 3’s nose cone storage and its ensuite. These features have the spaciousness you might come to expect in a hotel room.

The lockable nose cone is like a tunnel boot in that it can be accessed on either side of the camper. And, unlike other campers, it gives you the ability to store large items securely.

The storage area is large enough to fit a few bicycles, plus a considerable load of smaller items. A hitch at the back also allows for a bike rack, so you’re spoiled for choice. 11 additional external storage compartments feature on the slide-on and trailer combined.


Next is the ensuite, with a ceramic toilet bowl and separate shower recess and sink. The toilet uses a chemical-free system, allowing the cassette to be dumped into a flushing toilet without problems. The integrated ladder, providing easy entry to the ensuite, is the same design as the Trayon slide-ons, which means instead of a rickety metal ladder you get a fibreglassmoulded, hinged stepladder that works a treat.

Taking regular showers at camp eats into any water supply, but with the TMO Gen 3 you won’t have to worry about the water running out when you’re all lathered up. You have 200L of on-board water — 110L in the slide-on and 90L in the trailer — and a clever water level gauge to keep an eye on how much is left. Hot water for the sink, external shower and ensuite is supplied by a Truma 14L hot water service.


Next along the trailer’s length sits the Deluxe slide-on module. With a side-fold  arrangement, the module takes just three minutes to set up. The cantilever arrangement uses gas struts to assist opening and closing.

Inside the module is the kitchenette, lounge and a spacious bed area. With a step-up into the module, it feels like climbing into a tree house; you have a fantastic outlook well above the ground and a cathedral ceiling which provides a fantastic sense of spaciousness.

The TMO Gen 3 comes with an ample 120Ah deep-cycle battery, 12v water pump, 240V charger, LeD strip lighting and LeD fixed lighting.

The 100L fridge/freezer is designed to work in high humidity and can still work on a 30 degree side slope. It’s no surprise that Trayon is getting plenty of enquiries from companies with station workers in remote areas. This is an ideal remote area base camp — for work or play.

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MIKE PAVEY: This is ideal for commercial interests that require on-site accommodation, which can be removed from the vehicle. It’s a good tare weight for this category at 1300kg. The axle is pushed back to create a 73/27 per cent front-to-rear weight distribution for better offroad performance, yet still kerb the ball weight to 81kg.

Comforts are good: an environmentally- friendly charcoal filtered chemical-free toilet, large ensuite with ceramic toilet bowl (17.5L tank), with a shower and hand basin. Also featured is a rear shower on the camper body — when the camper is removed from the trailer.

It should have good resale based on the company’s long history.

DAVID COOK: Very imaginative use of an existing slide-on to expand its functionality and usability. I liked the option to switch to airbags the suspension. This is very self-suffcient: with the capacity for up to 380L of water, 720Ah of battery capacity, up to 20kg of gas — how much more could you need?

It’s very tough, but it would require a solid tow rig. Huge ground clearance, entry and exit angles. I watched the suspension working a treat on the 4WD trek. The kitchen is practical, if not luxurious. The ensuite is great — a proper toilet (not something in a box under the bed), and a decent sized shower and hand basin. This would tick boxes for any woman. It did take a bit of “bloke muscle” to get the stabilising brackets and bed support legs in place, but nothing excessive.

For a tradie this is a gem. I can’t see how they could turn it down. The 10-year structural warranty speaks for itself.

STU JONES: What a perfect work station. What a base camp. Surely mining companies and farmers are falling over themselves for this set-up. Adaptable for whatever set-up required. It’s a lot of coin for a trailer that isn’t overly well-equipped, though those that choose it will think it’s a bargain due to its ruggedness and adaptability.

I wasn’t too fond of the inside-only fridge access — I couldn’t pull over for a cuppa on the side of the road.

The pop-up ensuite is a real winner. It’s boxy and modular but with plenty of storage available. And a 10-year structural warranty just oozes manufacturer confidence.

It’s got a very simple, uncomplicated operation, although I’d recommend bringing a
cordless drill to make it even easier.

JOHN "BEAR" WILLIS: I recall words from my first look at the Trayon TMO: “It is nice to be camping well above ground level, especially in the tropics where sandflies, midges, green ants and other creepy crawlies including crocodiles can ruin your whole day.”

I was impressed with the TMO back then and our Robe excursion has only strengthened my conviction. This is a trailer that I could easily travel with extensively.

But it’s also the most functional trailer in the field, particularly appealing to tradies needing a site trailer with a huge tool box for day-to-day work, and the ability to strap on the camper module for an ideal getaway machine.

This thing hasn’t got an ensuite, it’s more like a bathroom, and all this on one of the strongest galvanised full chassis in the business. If I were travelling with the family I would throw up an Oztent to connect to the Trayon and have all bases covered.

Yep, it ticks all my boxes. There’s long experience in the Trayon camp that shines through with the TMO.

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