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Camper Trailer Australia — 20 December 2013

The Safari SV Extenda lies in the mid- to top-end of the brand’s range, offering walk-up bed access, an expansive kitchen, easy access to storage and, on our test trailer, an optional tilting boat rack. It’s got a long list of family-friendly features. 


The trailer’s foundation is a fully galvanised chassis and drawbar, the latter using triple beams to prevent twisting. It rides on a 50mm axle with nine-leaf AL-KO heavy duty springs, 12in electric brakes and 15in steel wheels on all-terrain rubber. Queried on the omission of shock absorbers, Dave Adams from Trackabout asserted that the suspension is specified and designed by AL-KO and has its engineering input for leaf size, rate and number. He said AL-KO does not believe shock absorbers are required in this configuration, hence Trackabout has not fitted any.


Set-up is quick and easy by softfloor standards, thanks to the gas strut-assisted internal frame and storage rack, and the manageable tent size. The bonus of the walk-up is the additional 2ft of tent width, creating extra room for the kids’ stretchers and additional storage for chairs and other gear when in transit. A tropical roof in 8oz canvas folds with the main tent, 12oz and 15oz for walls and roof respectively, using Wax Converters Australian-made canvas. Tent features include twin doors, large windows, midge mesh, internal awnings and plenty of height allowing for excellent ventilation, which is further assisted by under-trailer ventilation flaps.


External storage is well utilised around the trailer, with all available space used for fuel, water, gas, poles, batteries and tools in dedicated locations. The trailer tub is easily accessible from inside or out.

The carpeted walk-up has a two-drawer return at the end, which is a great place to plant one’s backside each morning and pull on socks and boots. Indeed, while judging this camper at CTOTY, more than one judge found themselves plonked here on more than one occasion. There are a further two drawers under the bed for clothes storage.


Outside, the Drifta kitchen and pantry both slide out from the trailer’s rear, providing convenient access to the key areas. The kitchen offers Laminex bench tops, three drawers, a stainless steel sink with 12V pump and cold water, and a two-burner Smev cooker. New for this year, a large kitchen return serves as a breakfast bar (or simply a bar!), and provides additional bench space at an easy-to-use height. A dual zone 60L EvaKool fridge-freezer is fitted as standard, adjacent to the slide-out pantry with two end drawers and open storage.


Electrical requirements are managed by dual 125Ah batteries, charged through the Anderson plug or the 120W solar panel and feeding through three 12V outlets and dual USB sockets. The electrics are sheathed from the coupling backwards, and run through the chassis for added protection. Dual LED bed reading lamps, a walk-up light and two remote LED strip lights with dimmers are provided for use around the camper.


At $30,000 as tested, this camper is excellent value. The only omissions are a 240V charger, volt meter and a water tank gauge, easily rectified at the time of purchase. Depending on your priorities, you could also consider trading the storage rack for a hot water system.


There is a lot to like about the Trackabout Safari SV Extenda. For us, it represents the ideal family camper with a practical sized tent, quality componentry, large kitchen and a storage system that makes life at camp a breeze. The front-mounted bike rack is a thoughtful addition, and will no doubt appeal to a lot of families.

Whatever boxes you tick, the Trackabout Safari SV Extenda is a solid foundation for offroad family fun.

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EMMA RYAN: Designed for families seeking comfortable offroad adventures, this camper delivers that and more. With a big 85L water tank and solar feeding the 2 x 125Ah AGM batteries, you’re sorted in the bush.

The finish is exceptional — every edge is neat and smooth, and every component has Trackabout’s stamp of quality on it. Care is taken to ensure every component is Australian-made, right down to the tent pegs, which are Superpeg.

I love the L-shaped Drifta kitchen! I’d be as comfortable cooking in this kitchen as I would be my own at home. I can see it now: a glass of icy cold sav blanc fresh from the EvaKool fuelling my culinary inspiration. I’ll gorge myself on both before falling into a blissful slumber atop the queen size innerspring. Where do I sign up?

For $30k you’re getting a reputable, Australian offroad camper with everything included for comfortable camping. Throw on the tinnie, kayaks and bikes and you’ve got all the ingredients for a memorable family holiday.

Would I own it? Well I like my personal space, I can’t pack light to save myself, I love to fish, kayak and anything else that involves water, and I love to cook up a storm. This camper would suit me perfectly.

STUART JONES: Fantastically targeted, capable family tourer. L-shaped brekky bar is a winner, and there is masses of storage.

Self-sufficiency is good, with a couple of 125Ah batteries, and 120amp solar. No other charger though, I reckon a DC-DC would’ve finished it off nicely.

An excellent quality, well-built and solid trailer, with attention paid even to small things like the stainless steel stone chip protection. The Wax Converters canvas is excellent quality, as always.

Overall the camper is well thought out and functional, while the boat rack gives plenty of options and the bike rack is perfect for families. Plus, it’s pretty easy to set up for a softfloor.

As a family man with two young kids, this camper just said “take me home!” right in the budget sweet spot. Who am I to argue?

JOHN WILLIS: This camper is entirely suited for its purpose, with classic workmanship. It’s tough and will last for years. The new kitchen with the bar extension is terrific. Good boat loader and walkway, and I loved the simple seat in the walkway.

This unit shows subtle quality, but it’s a tough camper with first class workmanship and materials — and no sharp edges. It’s quite a long trailer with proper recovery points and even little things like skids on the drawbar and a rear recovery point. Loved the kitchen, loved the bar. Would have liked a three-burner stove and more electrics, though. This is good value for a premium camper that will last for many years.

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