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Sufferin Succotash

Friedrich Nietzsche said, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Kath looks at what makes her stronger during a Sweltering Summer Scorcher.

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A Taste Adventure

Adventuring looks different for everyone, but they all start with a desire to experience and explore something new

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When Time Stands Still

Kath reflects on how her perception of time has changed over the years and how camping slows it down

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Travel Types: What’s your style?

What sort of ‘travel type’ are you? Do you bounce around, or hang around? Kath spells out a few different travel types and discusses how to successfully travel with people who go about travel differently.

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Growing up as a Camping Kid

A few key milestones mark the physical and mental development of any child. But for families that spend a lot of their time camping, these important milestones take on a unique shape.

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Minimalist Camping

Camping minimalism or Zen camping, we take a look at whether paring back the inventory is as fulfilling as having the comforts of a camper at your disposal.

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Dumping Dilemmas

While the self-sufficiency of owning a portable toilet might be appealing, the go-anywhere dunny can have a dark side too.

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Kakadu Through the Eyes of a Jabiru

Kakadu Air offers one of the world’s most unique airborne experiences

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Virtual Showcase: Marlin Campers

Due to the cancellation of just about every trade-show in Australia, Camper is endeavouring to create a virtual trade-show across our full spectrum of channels: print, digital and on social media.

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