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Buying a New Camper Trailer

With so many campers to choose from, deciding which to buy can be intimidating. This guide drills down on the important questions to ask so you end up with your dream setup.

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Camping Culture Resilient Through Economic Uncertainty

New stats shed light on the ongoing strength of the RV industry despite a changing economic world.

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NSW Registration Discount

The New South Wales government applies a discount to motor vehicle tax, likely to save camper trailer users a few pineapples a year.

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Tight-Arse Touring

About to embark on a long-term touring journey? These time and money saving tips will help you stretch the budget a little further.

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You don’t have to go far outside the city before you’re likely to find yourselves rummaging around f

The Importance of Carrying Cash When Travelling

You don't want to get caught short in the middle of nowhere with no cash to pay for essentials. As Kath Heiman discusses, it's important to always carry money for emergencies when you're travelling off the grid.

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Expert tips on budget touring

Expert Tips on Budget Touring

Become a thrifty, self-sufficient camper with these handy tips and tricks on budget touring from our expert panel of adventurers

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Outback Campers Australia Tanami

Outback Campers Australia Tanami: Review

Outback Campers Australia Tanami Review

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Ironman 4x4 Megatom

Ensuring you have enough lighting when going offroad is essential. But, is it better to have spotlights, light bars or, even better, why not both?

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Kakadu Through the Eyes of a Jabiru

Kakadu Air offers one of the world’s most unique airborne experiences

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