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Through the Pentecost River in the Top End

Water Crossing Wisdom

Crossing water with a camper trailer can feel like jumping into the deep end, literally. Here are a few swimming lessons to keep you afloat.

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A heated discussion about the virtues of silence

Silence your Camper's Water Pump

Nothing destroys serenity quite like a noisy water pump. Whereas a quiet one is a major boon to an enjoyable time camping. Here’s how to hush your H20.

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Try not to run your batteries too  low when out in the bush. PICTURE SUPPLIED

Caring for Your Camper's Amps

DC ain’t free, yet camper trailers are increasingly full of power-hungry accessories conspiring to drain your batteries to dangerously low levels. We uncover a few ways to keep your beastly batts alive for longer.

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Sand Recovery Basics

Buried axle deep in unyielding sand? Here’s a few tips on setting your rig and tow tug free to roam Australia's outback sandy shores, once more.

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Buying a New Camper Trailer

With so many campers to choose from, deciding which to buy can be intimidating. This guide drills down on the important questions to ask so you end up with your dream setup.

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Keeping your Cool: How to Prevent Overheating

Things getting a little heated with the engine? Best to nip overheating in the bud before your components go bust or you find yourself stranded in the bush.

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Tow like a Pro

4WD whizz Steve Cassano enters the camper trailer world, delivering a few fundamentals to help get the tow on the road.

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Survival Guide: The Family Road Trip

Are you prepping the camper for a big family road trip with relatives on board? Whether it’s the in-laws, grandkids or single siblings joining your adventure, here’s a few tips to help you all survive the drive.

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Servicing your Electric Winch

The fate of adventures can hang on a winch, so it’s best to keep yours in working order, rather than taking the install-and-forget approach

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How to Set Up a Wire Free Winch

If you’re into tackling tough tracks, having proper recovery gear is a must. But some old winches can be downright problematic and inconvenient. Steve Cassano discusses how you can modify them without breaking the bank

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Rhinomax Defender Review

Quick set up, ample storage, plenty of comforts and the ability to handle offroad make the Rhinomax Defender a super-tempting high-end hybrid.

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Inside Word: Lifestyle Campers

Camper spends An afternoon with John Swinglehurst, Managing Director of Lifestyle Campers.

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