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2019 Cub Escape Review

Following on from the brand’s 50th anniversary last year, we test out the hard-floor, rear-fold Escape in Cape Tribulation, to see what difference that level of experience makes when you’re out in the sticks.

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Ezytrail Lincoln LX

Ezytrail Lincoln LX Review

Ezytrail Lincoln LX Review

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Skamper Kampers Dingo Hard Floor

2016 CTOTY: Skamper Kampers Dingo Hard Floor

Stunning views from inside and an easy layout are highlights of the Dingo Hard Floor, Skamper Kampers’ great value offroader.

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We’re giving you the tools you need to determine which type of camper trailer will suit you the best

Which Type of Camper Trailer Should You Buy?

Which type of camper trailer should you buy?

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For pure simplicity under canvas, hard floor campers steal the show!

Hard Floor Campers: The Pros and Cons

Hybrids are two-person tourers that offer a simple setup with all the pleasures of camping under canvas.

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Complete Campsite Fraser Hard Floor

2015 Review: Complete Campsite Fraser Hard Floor

A luxurious, user-friendly hardfloor that prioritises comfort, the Complete Campsite Fraser is one to watch.

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Skamper Campers Dingo Hard Floor

Skamper Campers Dingo Hard Floor: Review

After a weekend of full on, low-range testing, we discovered all the gritty details of the new Skamper Kampers Dingo Hard Floor.

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Altitude Ultimate Hard Floor

Altitude Ultimate Hard Floor: Review

With its new Ultimate, Altitude has entered the hardfloor camper market.

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Kakadu Through the Eyes of a Jabiru

Kakadu Air offers one of the world’s most unique airborne experiences

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Virtual Showcase: Marlin Campers

Due to the cancellation of just about every trade-show in Australia, Camper is endeavouring to create a virtual trade-show across our full spectrum of channels: print, digital and on social media.

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