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Awnings in Development

It’s astounding how much 4WD awnings have changed, and now you will even find them on some camper trailers

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Is Bitumen Killing the Cape?

As the blacktop extends, many adventurous travellers are lamenting the advancement of the bitumen through Cape York. Our view is quite the contrary.

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Long Distance Touring: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Our wide, brown land is full of tracks waiting to be traversed. There's more to travelling them though than simply heading off.

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Soothing Sizzling Summer Scorchers

Our survival expert Scott Heiman considers what we can do to remain as cool as a cucumber this summer.

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High Country with a Camper

Exploring the High Country huts near Mansfield is possible with a camper trailer in tow

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Design for Success

We go behind the scenes at Cub Campers to better understand how a camper goes from concept to reality

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Fitting Out Your 4x4

Here are some tips for beefing up your 4x4 for when we can get back out on the tracks

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The true apex predator.  Unlike the croc, which favours barramundi, its prey is data

How I Scored a Seat on Hema’s Map Patrol

Sitting in the hot-seat of a Hema vehicle, 4WDing for a living, might seem like the dream job, but what does the mapping work actually involve on a day-to-day level? And what does it take to score the gig?

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Bad Camping Behaviour

Scott rips into the one per cent of campers who ruin the experience for the majority by blindly pursuing their own self-interest

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Camp fire cooking

Camper Feature 20 cracking campsite hacks

20 cracking campsite hacks for your camper trailer trip

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Titan Blackhawk 480 Hybrid Reviewed

A hybrid in the truest sense of the word, the Titan 480H is an attempt to marry a caravan’s convenience and features to a camper’s offroad ability

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Hybrid Campers Explained

Camper catches up with Australian Off Road (AOR), Complete Campsite and Rhinomax to answer all of your questions about the manufacturing, history and future of hybrids.

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