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BRS Offroad Sherpa

BRS Offroad Sherpa: Review

BRS Offroad Sherpa Review

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Austrack Savannah X

2018 CTOTY: Austrack Savannah X

Well-built and detailed, and with an easy setup, Austrack's Savannah X is designed for families and will quickly become your go-to for outdoor vacations.

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Skamper Kampers Dingo Ultimate

2018 CTOTY: Skamper Kampers Dingo Ultimate

The Skamper Kampers Dingo Ultimate may be tough and rugged, but a host of quality features and plenty of living space means you can get offroad in comfort and style.

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Cub Campers Escape

Cub Campers Escape: Review

Cub Campers Escape Review

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BRS Offroad Pursuit Platinum

BRS Offroad Pursuit Platinum: Review

The Pursuit Platinum ticks all the boxes.

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Summit Campers K2

Summit Campers K2: Review

Summit Campers K2 Review

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Outback Campers Australia Tanami

Outback Campers Australia Tanami: Review

Outback Campers Australia Tanami Review

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Ivan Campers Adventurer

Ivan Campers Adventurer: Review

Ivan Campers Adventurer Review

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Stoney Creek SC-FF6

Stoney Creek SC-FF6: Review

Stoney Creek SC-FF6 Review

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Lumberjack Otway Forward Fold Hard Floor

Lumberjack Otway Forward Fold Hard Floor: Review

Lumberjack Otway Forward Fold Hard Floor Review

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Rhinomax Defender Review

Quick set up, ample storage, plenty of comforts and the ability to handle offroad make the Rhinomax Defender a super-tempting high-end hybrid.

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Inside Word: Lifestyle Campers

Camper spends An afternoon with John Swinglehurst, Managing Director of Lifestyle Campers.

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