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The Dog Fence

Built to protect the sheep industry, the Dog Fence is having a large effect on its surrounding environment.

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Dominant Dunes

Mobile sand has taken charge of a major chunk of the Australian continent over the past 30,000 years

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Summertime Blues

This month David reflects on his changing experience of summer, and what this may mean going into the future.

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The Lucky Country

How missing out on majestic mountains and landscapes has ensured a stable and prosperous nation

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Magic Mangroves

Australia's northern coast is dominated by 'muddy' mangroves which play crucial roles in ecosystems

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The real aspect of most of our inland rivers: turbid, narrow and full of snags.

The Big Dry: How Competition For Water is Killing Our River Systems

We recently addressed the issue of the dying (or dead) Darling River and how it related to cotton farming. Now, we take a look at the broader issue of competition for water in all of our rivers, most especially those in the south-east.

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PICTURE CREDIT: mevans/Getty Images

The Great Barrier Reef: A Navigational Nightmare

Camper recounts the navigational hell the Great Barrier Reef put Captain Cook’s Endeavour through. Perhaps he would’ve been better off hitching up and taking the land-based route!

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Hidden Treasures in the Kimberley

The Kimberley is a jewel in more ways than one. Beneath the ground there's a treasure trove of diamonds.

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Ancient Australia

We take a look at Australia’s long-term geological trajectory, from a partly submerged continent, to one big snowball, to the mineral-rich continent of today.

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Drawing a Line in the Dirt

David Cook discusses the significance of the prophetic Goyder’s Line, which separates productive and barren land in South Australia.

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Review: Titan Ranger

Heading up into Queensland's Glasshouse mountains, the Ranger from Titan showed off its innovative setup, offroad capability and camping comforts.

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Offline Campers Domino

Extraordinary options and offroad readiness round out this exciting new lifestyle machine from Offline Campers.

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