Torture Test: Projecta Inverter

Carlisle Rogers — 6 March 2012

One of the demands of working in the bush is keeping everything powered up with no mains supply. The Projecta IP150 is a great lightweight way to keep sensitive equipment like laptops and camera batteries charged up.

Most laptops draw around 75W, so this small unit is actually perfect unless you plan on running a kettle or microwave through it. With a peak output (for 3 seconds) of 300W and a rated output of 225W for three minutes, you don't need to worry about overloading this inverter. And the built-in thermostat-controlled fan makes sure it runs cool and efficiently.

Fully mountable for camper trailer or 4WD installations, this inverter comes with a fused accessory plug on a 0.6m lead. A low battery protection circuit produces an alarm at 10.25V and shuts the supply down at 9.75V.

We used this inverter extensively, downloading photos onto laptops while driving between locations, charging camera batteries overnight off the car battery without running a generator, and it never skipped a beat.

With cheaper inverters, you get overheating problems, power cutouts and worse. But the Projecta unit seemed solidly built and did what it should without worry. The best inverter is an invisible one.

This comes with a two year warranty. RRP is $269.00. For more information visit


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