David Cook — 16 April 2014

ModCon's hard floor campers

The idea of a forward fold hardfloor camper — as distinct from the more common rear fold — is not new. Campers such as this have been around since the 1990s, but it took the applied efforts of Kerry and Phyllis Jones, of ModCon Campers in Capalaba, Qld, to bring the design to a fully functional format: the Imperial HFA.

In fact, so workable and successful has the design been that it has become something of a role model for those who would rather copy something good than develop their own camper, and there are now several imported versions of the ModCon on the market.

“I saw a basic version of this layout in the 90s, and I liked it right away,” Kerry explained. “It took some time to get it right but for the last four years it’s been an important camper for us and very successful.”

In the CamperTrailer Australia video above, contributor David Cook takes the ModCon Imperial HFA to the City View Camping & 4WD Park in Queensland to review what he refers to as 'one of the great camper trailers of Australia'.

David's favourite feature of the ModCon Imperial HFA is of course the forward folding top and he says the total setup took just 14 minutes, which is reduced to 5 minutes if you only want to use the awnings. The fantastic layout, superb storage and simple design ensure the Modcon Imperial HFA is comfortable, stylish and easy to use, and as David says, 'We'd thoroughly recommend it!'

You can read David's full review of the ModCon Imperial HFA camper in the latest issue of Camper Trailer Australia Australia magazine, out now. Why not subscribe today for more?!


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