Introducing Travelander's Next-Level Camper

Camper Staff — 13 September 2017

For the past fourteen years, Travelander, under the management and direction of owner Darren Hoger has successfully manufactured single and dual cab fibreglass campers to suit any tray-back 4X4 vehicle. One of the key factors in Travelander’s success is the ease with which their distinctive tray-back campers open up automatically—in just 30 seconds— and the practicality of their design.  

Based on customer feedback, as a matter of course, new product enhancements are created every four years and applied to existing designs. As an existing award-winning Australian design, the tray-back camper had everything going for it, but Darren had been playing around with the idea of making the camper stronger and lighter than the current fibreglass designs.  

Darren wanted to get the weight down so people could carry more items with them on longer journeys. So he introduced carbon fibre into the outer shell design—which also gave it a new, fresh look—using a vacuum bagging manufacturing technique. “Carbon fibre is the most advanced light-weight composite material currently on the market,” said Darren during a recent meeting with Camper Trailer magazine. “It makes sense, if you want to make a next-level camper, to use the most advanced manufacturing materials available”. 

The CF Series 1 Dual Cab & Single Cab Tray-back Campers will be a special build, with extras such as water filtration, fusion blue-tooth radio, extra usb and cigarette sockets + lithium batteries (optional).


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