It's All About Versatility with the New Trackabout Extenda Tourer

Dan Everett — 16 May 2017

Unassuming at first glance (it looks like almost every other softfloor camper on the market), the beauty of Trackabout’s new Extenda Tourer is its ability to surprise. And it’s not until you look closer and notice the attention to detail that the Tourer starts coming into its own.

Small touches such as custom-made Trackabout jerry can holders or the boat rack mounts that have been laser cut with strategic holes may sound like minor details, but all add up to a seriously impressive camper.

The kitchen has all the quality kit you’d expect like laminated benchtops and SMEV cooking gear, but it also houses everything you need for a campfire feast with three huge drawers taking everything from cups and plates to cutlery and cookware.

The unique tent on the Trackabout functions more like a rooftop tent than a traditional softfloor, resulting in an incredibly quick setup and much more enjoyable experience!

The heart of the system is a Redarc BMS Manager30, which is charged with keeping the twin 120Ah AGM batteries topped up while you’re on the road and can accept input from 240V sources, solar, or the 50A Anderson plug wired up to the towbar if you want to charge while you’re on the go.

The Trackabout Extenda Tourer has enough options and accessories to become the trailer of your dreams - whatever they may be, so if you can justify the price tag this could be the one for you.

The Trackabout Extenda Tourer is priced at $46,000 (starting from $31,000).


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