Traytek Hardtop Slide-on by Trayon Unveiled

CamperTrailer Australia Staff — 9 July 2015

Trayon Campers’ latest innovation — the Traytek Tailgater hard-roof slide-on camper — was unveiled at the Brisbane Caravan Show.

Trayon, which bought-out Traytek Campers some time ago, has spent time designing the first new model under its new banner, with the Traytek Tailgater joining 14 other Trayon campers in the range.

The key difference between existing Trayon models and the new Traytek Tailgater is that it has a hard-roof and more caravan-like features. Trayon customers also now have a choice of hard or soft roof campers.

Trayon’s Vernon van der Walt said the company’s major priority was to make the new slide-ons lighter while adding more creature comforts and making them easier to use.

The Tailgater has an automatic roof lift mechanism which makes the setup time of the camper less than three minutes and easy enough for one person to handle.

“We get asked why we did this, as we are already making a winning platform of slide-on camper,” van der Walt said. “We explain it this way: Toyota make a 70 Series LandCruiser for those who want a rough-and-tumble, no bull, straight-forward and practical vehicle. They also make the 200 Series for those who want a few more luxuries. That’s all we have done — increased our customers’ choice in purchasing a slide-on camper.”


Trayon Traytek slide-on Tailgater