The search engine for holiday parks

Laura Keys — 27 July 2012

THE ADVENT OF modern technology means paper-based products are becoming less and less necessary. With more news than we can handle available on our computers, buying the daily paper is becoming less common; GPS and sat-nav has, in many cases, made paper maps redundant.

And despite how easy technology can make our lives, many people,and I must admit I'm one of them, still take great pleasure in reading a newspaper from cover to cover, or navigating from a massive map across the dashboard.

But one thing is for sure: the internet has made planning holidays a breeze. is a new web-based listing of more than 2000 holiday, caravan and camping parks around Australia. Dubbed 'the place to visit before you go', Turu offers a huge range of selection criteria and search options to make sure you find a park which is suitable for you.

Want to take your dog along? Need an extra-large site? Fancy a morning swim? These are just some of options to help you narrow down your choice.

The website is free to use and provides a treasure-trove of information at the click of a button, including customer reviews,so you can see how other RVers rate the park. The days of touting bundles of brochures on the road with you are numbered...

Click here to watch a video on how Turu works, or jump online and find your ideal holiday park or camping ground on Turu.

WORDS Laura Keys