Best camper trailers under $15,000

Camper Trailer Australia — 20 December 2013

The under 15k category is concerned with squeezing as much gear into an affordable package as possible. It’s aimed at first-time camper trailer owners looking to take their camping jaunts to the next level, as well as seasoned campers on a strict budget.

Buyers at this end want the most out of every cent, and as a result the market is increasingly dense with imported products from manufacturers with low overheads, who are therefore able to supply more gear at a cheaper rate. But there are also a few local products hanging in there, providing an option for those content with less bling in preference for a solid, Aussie-made trailer to option up over the years.

Best camper reviews: under $15,000

Market Direct Campers Step-Through

With enough space to fit the whole family, the Market Direct Step-Through is sure to impress with its huge floor space. However due to its size, setting up is not as straightforward as some of the competitors in this category. This entrant boasts plenty of creature comforts, including a spectacular kitchen and impressive storage space.

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Trackabout Off Road Campers Kakadu

The Trackabout Kakadu is the camper to watch if off-road is your thing. The basic Kakadu model is designed so that options can be added over time to evolve into something from the upper end of Trackabout’s portfolio. While the lack of power in this competitor is a noticeable absence, the camper is simple to use and is a comfortable starter model.

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