Best camper trailers $15,000 - $30,000

Camper Trailer Australia — 20 December 2013

Value for money is hugely important here, and with more scope for extra comforts the pressure is on manufacturers to deliver packages with all the basics ticked off and additional fruit laid on.
imported campers are competitive at this price bracket, but locally-made products are able to include goodies not common at the entry-level , including electronics, well-equipped kitchens, fridges and other fine details for comfortable camping.

Best camper reviews: $15,000 - $30,000

Patriot X1

The Patriot is the camper to beat for challenging terrain, featuring short overhangs, great suspension benchmark clearances and a competitive turning circle.  Easy to use, and with quality, durable construction, as well as creature comforts such as a stereo and hot water the Patriot is a value for money contender, especially in the off-road set.

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Red Rock Traveller

The Traveller offers all the standards you’d expect, as well as a few extras like LED lighting and innerspring Queen size mattress. This hardfloor camper packs a stylish, red splashed design and a easy to use powder coated kitchen complete with glass splashback. The water tank is possibly a touch small but there are options for a second. 

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MDC Expedition Crusader

The strengths of the MDC Expedition Crusader are the bedding and well-equipped internal living areas. A forward-pivoting roof that transforms into the main bed is an innovative design feature. External storage is a highlight with slide-out storage trays for easy use.

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Trackabout Safari SV Extenda

The Safari SV Extenda lies in the mid- to top-end of the brand’s range, offering walk-up bed access, an expansive kitchen, easy access to storage and, on our test trailer, an optional tilting boat rack. It’s got a long list of features that make it an ideal family-friendly camper.

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