Video Review 2015: Rhinomax Outback Renegade

Michael Browning — 5 October 2015

Queensland manufacturer Rhinomax’s latest Outback Renegade walk-up camper with internal staircase and hot shower is effectively the softfloor version of the premium hardfloor Warrior RX: the $35-50k category winner in Camper Trailer Australia’s Camper Trailer of the Year (CTOTY) awards.

Design & Construction

Since its beginnings just four years ago, Rhinomax has worked hard to earn its growing reputation as a specialist offroad manufacturer and the Renegade comes with the same serious go-anywhere underpinnings as the award-winning Warrior.

This includes a rugged 100x50mm continuous SupaGal chassis and A-frame, Rhinomax’s own independent trailing arm and coil spring suspension with Pedders TrakRyder shock absorbers, and powder-coated Zincanneal-steel body panels for scratch resistance and longevity in a tropical environment.


The Renegade’s engineering quality is obvious from first glance. Computer designed and made from laser cut panels for accuracy, it reflects the high standards of co-founder Andy Dean who, as a mechanical engineer, worked for Rolls-Royce and SKF Bearings before coming to Australia.

Details worth mentioning are the stylish laser cut Rhinomax nameplates in the front wood carrier and jerry can holders, and the huge drawbar box ready for a generator that can be configured with a slide to hold a large fish freezer, or equipped with vast storage drawers, if desired.

Quality latches are used all round and there are no sharp corners, a sign of good engineering practice. My main concern was that the twin gas bottles and — more essentially — their gas regulator were exposed in the prototype on review, however, I have since been told that all production models will come standard with a mesh stoneguard.


Unlike some softfloor campers, the Renegade’s queen bed sits across the camper, projecting slightly over the trailer’s right-hand side, allowing more internal storage and providing easier access to the bed.

The built-in staircase drops down easily and can be used to access the camper’s internal walkway and a suite of under-bed drawers that glide out on quality steel runners, even when the tent is packed away. When the camper is erected, these steps allow you to get in and out of bed without having to climb up a ladder, or over your partner.

Apart from its obvious quality, another thing that impressed me about the Renegade’s tent was the built-in tropical roof that extends across its full width, minimising leaks in even the heaviest rain, while the high ceiling and large windows ensure the interior of the camper stays cool, even on hot, balmy summer nights.

These large windows also keep the camper bright and airy and its large floor can easily accommodate kids’ beds if needed, as well as serving as a secure play area for young children or even as a dining room. Three side storage compartments and four under-bed drawers provide plenty of storage for all your clothes.


The top-of-the-range three-burner Thetford cooktop with a glass lid and companion stainless steel sink with mixer tap, slide out of the rear of the Renegade in a conventional fashion. The fridge-slide with its optional 80L fridge/freezer pulls out and cleverly swings around parallel to the rear of the camper to reveal a large storage compartment. This makes the Renegade ideal for touring, given there’s also a huge stainless steel pantry drawer above the kitchen.

The whole the kitchen area is covered with a large awning to keep you sheltered from inclement weather and shaded from the sun, while there is the option of awning walls with integrated midge screens to allow the Renegade to grow with your requirements.


The new Renegade enhances Rhinomax’s growing reputation as an offroad specialist.

Packaging all the best features of the category winner in the CTOTY awards into a high quality and well-priced softfloor will, undoubtedly, broaden the appeal of Rhinomax’s Outback campers, bringing a new level of quality construction and equipment to the popular sub-$40,000 market.

Measuring up


  • Quality construction
  • Quick setup
  • Australian designed and built
  • Value for money


  • Not enough stone protection for front storage box

Check out the full feature in issue #91 August 2015 of Camper Trailer Australia magazine.


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