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Staving Off the Kids' School Holiday Blues

You’d think that school holidays would be a relaxing time for kids, but the change in routine can be stressful. Kath shares a few tips on working through the unexpected holiday unhappiness next time the kids have a few weeks off school.

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Travel Types: What’s your style?

What sort of ‘travel type’ are you? Do you bounce around, or hang around? Kath spells out a few different travel types and discusses how to successfully travel with people who go about travel differently.

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This is the real Bush TV

Is technology destroying camping culture?

Nowadays, kids and their parents seem more interested in their devices than exploring around camp and making friends. It’s bloody hard to watch.

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Next time you go for a drive get the kids to count the bottles and cans

The Real Cost of Littering

Does it really take monetary rewards and legal sanctions for folks to start using bins? It’s time us overlanders took responsibility for our rubbish.

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Minimalist Camping

Camping minimalism or Zen camping, we take a look at whether paring back the inventory is as fulfilling as having the comforts of a camper at your disposal.

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What's in a Name?

What qualifies someone as a ‘good bloke’? Can a woman be a 'good bloke'?

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Stop Trying So Hard in the Kitchen

You can throw away the chef’s hat. When you’re camping, eating something simple, as a family, is much more important than gourmet dining

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REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year 2020 Winners Announced

The results are in for all categories following on from Camper's flagship event.

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Complex Camper Electronics, Explained

We catch up with electronic experts REDARC to hear a no-nonsense explanation of what all of your camper’s electronic devices do.

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