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This is the real Bush TV

Is technology destroying camping culture?

Nowadays, kids and their parents seem more interested in their devices than exploring around camp and making friends. It’s bloody hard to watch.

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Next time you go for a drive get the kids to count the bottles and cans

The Real Cost of Littering

Does it really take monetary rewards and legal sanctions for folks to start using bins? It’s time us overlanders took responsibility for our rubbish.

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Minimalist Camping

Camping minimalism or Zen camping, we take a look at whether paring back the inventory is as fulfilling as having the comforts of a camper at your disposal.

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Our Deadly Deserts

Our bone-dry deserts can be brutal, indifferent deathtraps. Travellers need to take them very, very seriously.

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What's in a Name?

What qualifies someone as a ‘good bloke’? Can a woman be a 'good bloke'?

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Dumping Dilemmas

While the self-sufficiency of owning a portable toilet might be appealing, the go-anywhere dunny can have a dark side too.

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Permanent holiday park residency: The pros and cons

Permanent Holiday Park Residency: The Pros and Cons

Kath Heiman faces a tough decision: set up a holiday park base and enjoy weekends by the beach, or stick with their life on the open road?

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Regular drivers who hog long-vehicle parks meant for rigs towing campers are being selfish, writes K

The Challenge of Finding Long-Vehicle Parking

It is becoming increasingly frustrating for drivers with camper trailers in tow to find long-vehicle parking spots taken up by normal vehicles - especially when there are regular parks available.

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I reckon any solid walled setup that actively promotes “real” camping, shall wear the title of a hyb

What's A Camper?

With the line between caravan and camper trailer getting more and more blurry, Borgy ponders what it is that actually makes a camper trailer –well, a true camper trailer!

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When great expectations fall short.

Are Australia's Quality Assurance Regimes Adequate?

For many camper trailer owners it can be confusing to know what to do if you have a concern about your camper, so Kath Heiman explains the varied quality assurance options.

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Camper Trailer of the Year 2020


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The true apex predator.  Unlike the croc, which favours barramundi, its prey is data

How I Scored a Seat on Hema’s Map Patrol

Sitting in the hot-seat of a Hema vehicle, 4WDing for a living, might seem like the dream job, but what does the mapping work actually involve on a day-to-day level? And what does it take to score the gig?

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