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Metalian Maxi XT Review

Meet the Metalian Maxi XT, a rust-proof, dust-sealed, offroad beast of a camper out of South Africa. It builds upon the leaf-sprung monocoque base of the Maxi with advanced electronics and wise inclusions for long-term touring.

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Metalian Maxi

Metalian Maxi: Review

Built to last the test of time, the Metalian Maxi is a rugged, go-anywhere camper that is light to tow and has plenty of practical storage space.

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The true apex predator.  Unlike the croc, which favours barramundi, its prey is data

How I Scored a Seat on Hema’s Map Patrol

Sitting in the hot-seat of a Hema vehicle, 4WDing for a living, might seem like the dream job, but what does the mapping work actually involve on a day-to-day level? And what does it take to score the gig?

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ZONE RV Z-12.0 Expedition Series Review

Less than a year after arriving at CTOTY 2019 with their prototype Z10.0 Expedition Series hard body camper, the boys from ZONE RV are back with the Z12.0. This time they’ve upped the ante with a host of exciting changes.

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