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Hitch Campers Canning

You’ve arrived after a hard day’s drive. Get out of the vehicle, open one door, close it and you’re in bed. It’s that simple, yet it isn’t a caravan.

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Altitude Campers Alpine 1400

Altitude Campers Alpine 1400: Review

Altitude Campers Alpine 1400 Review

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Cub Campers Brumby

Cub Campers Brumby: Review

Cub Campers Brumby Review

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For pure simplicity under canvas, hard floor campers steal the show!

Hard Floor Campers: The Pros and Cons

Hybrids are two-person tourers that offer a simple setup with all the pleasures of camping under canvas.

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Exploring an ancient land

For over 50,000 years, Aboriginal people roamed the shores of the Willandra Lakes, and the unearthing of ancient human remains makes Mungo one of the oldest places in the world that modern humans existed.

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The Swag SCT16 under tow

SWAG SCT16 MAX Reviewed

An innovative designs priced to go on this hybrid, bringing a little caravan luxury to the camper trailer world. Why pay for an internal kitchen when you always cook outside? This is Australia, where the outdoors are forever.

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