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Camping Tips: Do It Better

Countless little things can make or break a holiday. Here's a few tips so there's less breaking, and more making.

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My newly installed Lightforce Strikers, looking smart and not hindering airflow

How to choose and install aftermarket driving lights

Factory lights don’t cut it in the bush. We run you through how to choose the right aftermarket lights and how to install one popular option, Lightforce Strikers.

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Stretch insulating tape as you apply it

D.I.Y. Toolbox: The Essentials

Read up on Camper’s guide to all the fiddly lil’ tools that make up a D.I.Y. enthusiast’s toolbox, so that you’re ready to tackle technical issues out in the bush.

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PICTURE CREDIT: BravissimoS/Getty Images

Yummy Yellow Belly

With the Channel Country in flood, we thought we’d spare a thought for all the fishos who’ve caught themselves a yellow belly but haven't had a clue how to cook it.

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Sand Recovery Basics

Buried axle deep in unyielding sand? Here’s a few tips on setting your rig and tow tug free to roam Australia's outback sandy shores, once more.

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Tasty Tucker: Simple Breakfast Feast

Don’t end up having a can of tuna for brekky. Come prepared and fuel your adventures.

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A Toolbox for Travellers

Heading to the outback with a lone screwdriver to your name is a recipe for disaster, but what do you need exactly?

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Troubleshoot your Tail and Brake Lights

Brake and tail-lights should be one of the most basic components of any trailer, but at one time or another, they can also be a source of problems for all users.

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Camping with dogs

Ultimate Guide to Camping with Dogs

Check out Michael 'Borgy' Borg's ultimate camping guide and bests tip when travelling with your four-legged family members, and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip.

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REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year 2020 Winners Announced

The results are in for all categories following on from Camper's flagship event.

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Top 10 Tropical Beaches for Wet Season Escapes

Summer is an excellent time to beach-hop the tropics from Townsville to Weipa, because when the crowds flee south with the first rains, all these top beachfront camps, rainforested waterholes and barramundi fishing spots become exclusively yours.

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