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Wire Free Airbags

With his supplementary rear airbags working a treat, Steve decided to see about making their inflation and deflation a little less taxing

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Camper Trailer Add-Ons: Which Do You Need?

You create more problems than solutions by incorporating unnecessary options in your camper.

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Selecting The Right Camper, Within Your Budget

We ask an expert for their tips on figuring out which camper you can afford.

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Tasty Tucker: Summer Sizzlers

The barbecue season is in full swing. Rather than rolling the arm over with boring ol’ snags, why not whip up one of these delectable feasts?

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How to Install a REDARC Tow Pro Brake Controller

Nowadays, most campers are fitted with electric brakes. Your fourbie is going to need a brake controller for these to work. We walk you through the step-by-step installation of a REDARC Tow Pro V3 Brake Controller, from positioning to wiring.

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How to Install a Throttle Controller in your 4WD

You can tap into your 4WD’s dormant potential by installing a throttle controller, a contraption that regulates the voltage of the drive-by-wire unit to reduce lag between planting the foot and gaining pace.

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Descending steps requires slow 1st gear low range and feathering of brakes

High and Low Range Gearing Guide

Camper answers the all-important question: in which offroad situations should you engage low range?

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The Power of Financing

Freedom of choice and peace of mind are integral when seeking the best possible RV finance solution.

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Try not to run your batteries too  low when out in the bush. PICTURE SUPPLIED

Caring for Your Camper's Amps

DC ain’t free, yet camper trailers are increasingly full of power-hungry accessories conspiring to drain your batteries to dangerously low levels. We uncover a few ways to keep your beastly batts alive for longer.

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Beef Stroganoff

What’s richer? The meal’s taste or its history?

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Kakadu Through the Eyes of a Jabiru

Kakadu Air offers one of the world’s most unique airborne experiences

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Virtual Showcase: Marlin Campers

Due to the cancellation of just about every trade-show in Australia, Camper is endeavouring to create a virtual trade-show across our full spectrum of channels: print, digital and on social media.

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