Bolwell RV Campers to Join Tvans at Outback HQ

Camper Trailer Australia — 21 July 2016

As a result, buyers will soon be able to inspect the Edge and Air alongside Track Trailer campers and Stockman Pod trailers, with the Outback HQ managing the fit-out and quality control checks at its manufacturing facility at Dorset Road in Bayswater North.

The Air is a compact lightweight trailer with a low towing profile that enjoys a comfortable ceiling height in its main living quarters due to its easy-to-erect A-frame construction.

The Edge is a stable, aerodynamic pop-top that features internal and external cooking facilities for those planning to tour long term.

Both models enjoy excellent insulation and endurance due to their fibreglass construction.

Bolwell RV, a subsidiary of Bolwell Corporation, formally withdrew the line-up in 2004 in the wake of the blaze to concentrate on meeting its commitments to Kenworth.

Final fit-out and quality control at Outback HQ will commence next week with models available to public shortly thereafter.